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In 2005 Colonel Tom Slick started the Sandwich Spot, and in 2010 Captain Jack and Col Tom Slick joined forces, and the mother of all Sandwich Spots, from which the others were all born, was opened in the fabulous Marina District of SF. They would like to license the rights to own and operate your independent store, and their 24 plus favorite sandwiches they've created and including secret sauces. They basically build a "turn key" custom and Independent Family Owned Business you can drive away with... and it comes with the Financial Freedom and exploding growth that are yours for the taking from the ground floor up to infinity...and beyond!

The Sandwich Spot is a full service deli offering delicious specialty sandwiches, made to order sandwiches, salads, a variety of beverages and chips. They have a friendly and personable staff that deliver superior service. Come on in and give them a try so they can be your one stop sandwich shop!

Choose from signature sandwiches like The Soul Surfer with Pastrami, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraunt, Thousand Island dressing, or for something with chicken try their Silva Ranch, Marinated Chicken, Ham, Swiss, Spicy Dijan, Honey Mustard, Frenchies Crispy Fried Onions on Dutch Crunch. For something Italian style, try The My Cousin Vinny, with meatball, provolone, and marinara sauce. Yum! All sandwiches include mayo, mustard, secret sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, peppers, and onions with your choice of bread like San Francisco sourdough, sweet roll, wheat rolls, sliced wheat or dutch crunch roll.

Meet the Sandwich king, Jack Lucky!!

Experience counts. So does style and personality, and Jack's got more of it in his little pinky then most people do in their whole body.

Jack is a dedicated artist, lover and entrepreneur who continually strives for excellence by staying current with market changes, technology and his client's needs. Jack is known and respected up and down the West Coast, West Africa, West Nile, West Chicago, Western Australia, parts of Western Montreal, Saskatchewan, Westside Oahu, Western areas of NYC, the greater Caribbean, Brazil, Western Europe, some parts of Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. He is unknown in Russia, China and North Korea at this time.

Jack was a successful international model in the late 80's & early 90's, has been in numerous television commercials and is an accomplished actor who has studied Marlon Brando's method acting extensively. He was the creator of the "Blue Steely Eye" look, which was stolen and later turned into a movie. He spent the last decade working undercover as a Senior Sales Consultant in Corporate America for a Title Insurance giant where he won numerous top salesperson awards in Real Estate, performed a tracheotomy with a Mont Blanc, delivered a baby in his best suit barehanded, exposed greedy CEO's and sent them to prison, tirelessly fought for the downtrodden and cleared off many an executive admin's desk while waiting for appointments. Jack timed his withdrawal strategy well and never hand kids until just recently. He is very excited about getting back to his artistic/creative pursuits in developing & supporting his incredible cast of characters with the launching of

He calls Himself the SANDWICH KING, and he may just be... the most interesting man in the world...!!

Jack makes his bed in San Francisco close to his beloved Ocean Beach in a sunny and secluded area of Golden Gate Park, but he won't say exactly where. A family man, avid surfer, Harley and hot rod enthusiast, chess player, admitted gun nut, patron of the Arts, docent at the De Young Museum, singer/songwriter, lover, fighter, streaker, UFC sparing partner of Chuck Liddell, founder of the Internet, founder of the Surfrider Foundation, creator of the "Green" movement towards recycling, organic and sustainable products, Jack is also the co-founder of a multi-billion dollar natural and organic sunscreen and after sun skin care product company, Jack also speaks 7 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, parts of Mandarin Chinese, bad words in Portuguese, and a little French.

While attending college in Southern California majoring in Dramatic Arts, business and surfing, Jack was discovered by a local talent scout downtown "illegally" skateboarding. After one late night at her place, so began a career in the modeling industry. Jack traveled the globe for years working in high fashion doing runway shows, print and catalog work, commercials, live event hosting and more in Japan, Mexico City, Europe, South America and Los Angeles. After 9/11, he enlisted in Naval Officer's school at West Point and served two tours in the Persian Gulf as a Navy Seal where he was highly decorated. Jack was one of the first Seals to hit "100" kills; a short list. He has been to the White House on two occasions and partied with past President George Bush and the guy from the Men's Warehouse, frequents the Playboy Mansion, shacks up at the Hard Rock luxury suite in Vegas, watches LA Laker games with the other Jack, goes bow hunting with Ted Nugent, tours with rockstar "Fieldy" in the band KORN, tickles Pamela Anderson's...toes all the while enjoying fine dining, Baccarat, stimulating conversation and back massages with happy endings.

Jack is a natural leader, active listener and consummate negotiator: skills absolutely necessary in the cutthroat business of representing and booking talent. Because of his experience, intimate knowledge of the business, sex appeal and consistent work ethic, he has earned the trust and commitment of Northern California and the World's top tier of marketable, unique talent. His positive attitude, attention to detail, presentation, technical knowledge, large...hands, thorough follow up, support, rugged good looks and commitment to excellence sets the bar high for all who follow. Did somebody say bar?

If you're looking to wolf down a unique and above average sandwich on freshly baked bread,then Jack Lucky is the one you want making your sando.

He calls Himself the SANDWICH KING, and he may just be... the most interesting man in the world...!!

Nautical Star 3213 Pierce St. San Francisco, CA 94123 / 415.829.2587 Nautical Star
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